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A Visit to London, Ontario, Canada

Entrepreneur and financial-sector executive Ted Wernham has forged a lengthy relationship with London, Ontario, Canada. The home of his business, Wernham Wealth Management Inc., where he has led the firm as president for nearly 40 years, the city also has welcomed his considerable service, including four terms on the City Council. In addition, Ted Wernham chaired the London Transit Commission for more than eight years. London dates back to the early 1800s. Incorporated as a town in 1840, it became an official city in 1855.

Since World War II, London, Ontario has grown exponentially, with today’s central district featuring Wellington Square, the City Centre, and the Market Garden Parking Building. Sherwood Forest, Oakridge Acres, and other new suburbs also have sprung up. The city offers a British touch with the River Thames and double-decker buses, but its distinctly Canadian flair includes Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Eldon House, a new courthouse, and the popular Labatt Brewing Company brewery. Bandleader Guy Lombardo, actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, pop star Justin Bieber, and screenwriter Paul Haggis all hail from London, Ontario, Canada.