About Ted Wernham

Specializing in retirement planning, Ted Wernham has garnered several awards and accolades during his time with Wernham Wealth Management, Inc., in London, Ontario. Wernham has been named the Group Insurance Producer, Manager, and Agent of the Year, as well as receiving distinction as an Outstanding Young Londoner and earning the National Quality Award on several occasions. After working as an income and personal asset manager with the Wernham Wealth Management for several years, Wernham took over as President of the organization in 2000. Still holding this position, he helps clients assess their current financial status and lays out a blueprint to reach their retirement goals. Ted Wernham believes in a diversified approach that combines insurance and tax reductions with sensible investments. In addition to advising clients at the firm, Wernham hosts a lively discussion each week on relevant personal finance topics called Boomer Wealth Radio; the show airs on AM980 at 1:30 p.m. on Saturdays and is available via podcast. An alumnus of the University of Western Ontario, Ted Wernham holds distinction as an Elder Planning Counselor and a Chartered Financial Services Broker.

During his early years with the firm, Ted Wernham gained a wide breadth of experience by working in a variety of capacities with organizations throughout the city. Immediately following graduation, Wernham procured a position with London Life as a financial advisor and wealth coach and served in these capacities until 2000. He also acted as a founding member of a pair of financial services companies and spent a year as the Director for Canada of the Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies. Constantly looking for ways to improve the local community, Ted Wernham was a member of the City Council for four terms and contributed as the Chair of the London Transit Commission for eight years.

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